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Simple yet powerful tool to manage your team remotely.

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Project Dashboard

Awesome project dashboard which allows you to quickly filter stories and assigning to team members, realtime update on story change helps to keep track remotely. Add comment, attachment and decorate story description with textile markup!

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Team Chat

No need to use any other team chat tool, Simmpli provide a great interface from where you can talk to team in the most efficient way. Tag stories, users and events which make remote team management very easy.

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Work Tracker

Designed specially for remote teams, user timeline is a great tool to keep track on what team members are working on right now. The tool also mails you daily work report which provide you a complete summary of the work done in EOD.

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Simmpli.com evolved from the many agile projects we develop at W3villa Technologies. As an MVP for W3villa to continuously improve our customer and stakeholder requirements, we continually improve the system based on user feedback. Positive user feedback motivated W3villa to launch Simmpli to a broader public. W3villa provides Node.js and Ruby on Rails consultancy including solution architects, frontend and backend developers. Hire our team for your product.

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Simmpli.com access is limited to invited users with free access. In order to get the access of the app, please fill the form and don't forget to brief about your team.

Simmpli.com make the process of managing remote team very simple.

Gary Ferguson, Founder, Calidogz